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Let’s Welcome Culver’s To Prescott

We, Aaron and Micah Williamson, owner/operators of Culver’s of Prescott, were both born and raised in the rural southwest Kansas town of Sublette, boasting around 1,400 residents. Our families have been there for generations. We’ve known each other our entire lives, but as we got older we actually started to pay attention to each other. We started dating early in high school and married shortly after graduation. We’ve now been married 14 years and have been blessed with 3 energetic daughters.

Shortly after we married and a short adventure away from the farm while I, Aaron, attended diesel tech school in Wyoming, we moved back to the farm. We raised corn, wheat, soybeans, grain sorghum, as well as cotton, on both irrigated and non-irrigated acres. We also started and built an agricultural spraying business that kept us busy around the clock during the growing season. This soon became the main focus as we grew from one machine to two and expanded our service area to an approximate 100-mile radius. We enjoyed the challenge and did our best to provide top-notch service with the utmost integrity to those we did business with. We’d briefly discussed if our current path was the one we wanted to be on but kept coming back to the same conclusion, we were where we thought we wanted to be and excelling at what we knew how to do.

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Several years ago, a cousin who felt stuck in his current situation came to us for some advice. He complained, “I feel stuck and don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing!”  We offered, “Decide what you want to do, and figure out where you need to go to do it. Or, where you want to go, and what you’re going to do when you get there.” As the spring of 2020 came around, we had another discussion about our current career path. This time we decided to take the advice we’d given to our cousin. Where do we want to be? What would we want to do if we could change? We grabbed a notepad and sat down at the table and started listing the pros and cons of where we were at and what we were doing. As we completed our list we looked at each other and realized we weren’t really where we wanted to be, just comfortable in our familiarity. 

Interestingly enough, the young man we had just hired to operate one of our sprayers for the 2020 production season shared that his father-in-law owned a couple of Culver’s restaurants. We were able to visit with him about his experience and what he liked and disliked about his venture. After a few conversations, we fell in love with the business model of hospitality and respected their ongoing support of the American farmer. We decided this seriously maybe something we were interested in pursuing and started looking for areas of opportunity. As we discussed where we wanted to go, Prescott, AZ popped up. Culver’s had just opened the area up to new franchisee applications and we got excited. In June of 2020, we made an impromptu trip, disguising it as an anniversary trip, out to Prescott to see what we thought. We fell in love immediately! The scenery was beautiful, the people were friendly, and it all had the hometown feel we were familiar with. On our way home we knew things were falling in place and this is where we wanted to go. We put in a new franchisee application to Culver’s and anxiously awaited a response.

After being accepted, we rocked the boat and told our friends and family our plans. We made arrangements to finish the 2020 production season and move out west to Prescott. By November we made our move and began the planning and training phase for Culver’s of Prescott. The entire process of constructing a new business has presented one challenge after another and has truly taught us the meaning of perseverance. Hard work is not a new concept for us. Agriculture required each of us, from a young age, to work alongside our parents and siblings to diligently tend the land and care for the livestock in order to reap the harvest at the end of the season. We were drawn to Culver’s in part because we look forward to the opportunity to teach teens, young adults, and anyone else who would like to be a part of the fun and hospitality of working with us, the value and reward of hard work and a job well done. We believe each person has a unique value and enjoy getting to know people for who they are and encouraging them along their path of life.

We feel extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to move to Prescott and start our new phase of life here. Our girls have made new friends and settled into school. Our family has found a wonderful church home and made new friends who have welcomed us in. We eagerly look forward to being a positive impact and supporting the community of Prescott as we all grow. Thank you for welcoming us! We can’t wait to meet and serve, not only the people who come through our doors but the entire community. Every time you visit our Culver’s, keep in mind that it is truly a locally owned small business. You will see our faces behind the counter, in the kitchen, or running orders on a daily basis to ensure that every guest who chooses Culver’s leaves happy.


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