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Just In Now Town of Prescott Valley to test all wells

Town of Prescott Valley to test all wells after Prescott shuts down two wells

The Town of Prescott Valley will test all its water production wells after the City of Prescott announced  Friday that it had shut down two of three wells near the airport because of positive tests for Perfluorooctanoicacid (PFOA) and Perfluorooctanesulfonate (PFOS). The third well had a negative test for the man-made chemicals. The Town of Prescott Valley water system is not physically connected to the City of Prescott Water system, but the two communities share the same groundwater resources. 

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PFOA and PFOS (referred collectively as PFAS) are not currently regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency, but the agency states that exposure to high levels of the chemicals may be harmful to human health. The Town, as part of an EPA monitoring program, tested all its Upper System wells for the chemicals in 2014-2015, and three wells in its lower system in 2018, with negative results. 

Prescott Valley water, which is tested annually, meets all safe drinking water standards required by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. View the entire water quality report at https://pv 

Results of the Town’s testing should be complete by the end of July and additional information will be provided at that time. For more information, please visit the EPA and ADEQ websites listed below, or contact the Prescott Valley Utilities Department at 928-759-3070.


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