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Jolley For Prescott

Andy Jolley is running for Prescott Justice of the Peace.

His message is clear, experience matters. Andy has been a prosecutor in Yavapai County for the past twelve years. He has also worked on the Defense side, and this balance gives him a good understanding of  the cases that go through Justice Court. Andy has established himself as the “go-to” attorney for the lower courts in Yavapai County. He has appeared in Justice Courts in eight Arizona counties, and has handled both Criminal and Civil cases from beginning through conclusion. This includes many criminal jury trials, and two civil jury trials. 

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Born and raised on a farm in Idaho, Andy has been a lifelong Republican, with a foundation of hard work and conservative values. Andy and his wife Carol moved to Prescott in 2007 to start their professional lives and raise their family. Since that time, Andy has worked to establish himself as a successful attorney and business owner in Yavapai County, and Carol enjoys teaching third grade at a local elementary school. Over the years, Andy has spent a lot of time coaching and working with the youth in the Prescott area. Any time Andy is out in public, he is quickly recognized with a “Hey Coach.”

Experience is more than just being a successful attorney and business owner. Andy has learned and experienced the challenges of life as well. We all have. Andy truly believes that these twists and turns, ups and downs, are what make us who we are. We learn from the hard times, just as we learn from the good times. It is the perseverance that makes Andy who he is, and why he is successful. 

Andy believes that the Prescott Justice Court is the place where the community intersects with the justice system. Most people will never appear in Superior Court, but almost everyone will go through the Justice Court at some point. The knowledge and understanding that Andy has gained over the last fourteen years, along with the love of this community he has developed, is critical to helping people through the Justice Court system. It is this knowledge, understanding, and sense of community that sets Andy apart- and it is truly why he believes: Experience Matters.

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