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Join expert naturalists, researchers, and conservation leaders

Community Nature Summer Series

Tuesdays, June 14, 21 & 28, Highlands Center, 1375 S Walker Road, Prescott

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Registration: $20.00, HC Members $15.00 presented by The Highlands Center.

Interested in native grasses, fungi, and geologic features of the central Highlands?  Learn from local educators and view examples in this summer’s community nature study series. These presentations are held on Tuesdays in June, in our classroom, trails, and gardens. Join expert naturalists, researchers, and conservation leaders from across Arizona in an annual series celebrating study of the natural world. Topics and classes are designed to be engaging and interactive. Learn about local species, weather, conservation issues and more in this engaging annual program. Classes include a hands-on lab and/or field component. Register at https://highlandscenter.org/adult-programs/

Voyage to a Mid-Ocean Ridge     w/ Steve Van Slyke    

Tues, June 14, 5:30-7:30pm*       *includes a walk on trails

As you descend the trail to Lynx Creek your Highlands Center geology guide will point out features in the rocks that tell a story of how oceans grow as new crust is formed and continents “drift” to accommodate that growth. How is it possible that rocks from the bottom of an ancient ocean now rest a mile above sea level and so far inland? Join us and find out.

Native Grasses  w/ Sue Smith         Tuesday, June 21, 5:30-7pm     

Grasses are spectacular and provide wonderful form, color and texture to the landscape as well as changes with the seasons. Learn how they protect soil, survive in the climate of Arizona and about their differences and similarities in morphology.

Underground Fungus: Foundation of Life on Earth   w/ Susie Percy 

Tuesday, June 28, 5:30-7pm

As the mysteries of fungi are slowly unraveled, an amazing discovery has been made that 90% of all plants rely on fungus for nutrients and defenses against pests and predators. This presentation will explore fungus structure, life cycle, role, and extent of fungus in the world.

About the Highlands Center for Natural History

The Highlands Center for Natural History is a non-profit organization developed to foster an appreciation for the Central Highlands of Arizona. Formed in 1996, the Center is a regional hub for lifelong learning, designed to invite discovery of the wonders of nature. The Highlands Center offers a wide array of programs and includes an inviting venue for community events and is supported by contributions from individuals, corporations, foundations and community partners. For information on any Highlands Center upcoming program schedules, please call 776-9550 or go to https://highlandscenter.org


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