In Loving Memory of Judy Delgado Hagopian 1933-2022


Judy Delgado Hagopian

(08/14/1933 – 01/09/2022)

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Judy Delgado Hagopian

Born in Puerto Rico to Pablo Delgado and Maria Rosner. Judy was the second born of four. She graduated from the University of Puerto Rico with a Bachelor’s in Psychology. She moved to New York by herself and worked in the New York Police department as a social worker for the unified school district of Brooklyn as an event coordinator. She then moved to California and met her husband Juan Hagopian and got married on March 9th,1968. They then had their first child, Maria Luisa Hagopian, along with her half older brother Sergio Hagopian. 

Judy then moved to Culver City, Glendale, and later moved to Simi Valley California, she worked part-time as a family counselor, and she studied for her Master’s degree in family counseling at California Lutheran University.

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Her faith was a huge part of her life, she served the Lord in Spanish ministries, and she was a prayer warrior. In late 1999, moved to Prescott, AZ. Leaving California behind to a quieter life, she took care of her husband until he passed away in 2002. Her passion was to help others in the community, working in local food banks and writing nutrition articles in the Alianza Spanish paper.

During her time, Judy was able to spread laughter and happiness with her energy. Judy was full of life, and despite her ongoing issues with her heart, Judy continued to be full of happiness and joy. Her favorite activity was dancing salsa and spending time with friends and family. She is loved and honored by her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, she will be truly missed by friends, family, and the community…… until we meet again “cha cha cha, my darlin and I mean it!”

Judy’s celebration of life will be announced at a later date.

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