Ian Paul is FOUND!


Today at approximately 1000 hours the Prescott Police Department was notified that Mr. Ian Paul was located in the Phoenix area and was in good health but had some heat related issues which required him to be taken to a local hospital in Phoenix.  His family has been notified and were grateful he was found.

We would like to thank the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office for their assistance with following up on several leads that were received on April 20th, 2020 where multiple people reported seeing Mr. Paul on a walking trail located in Government Canyon.  YCSO Search and Rescue personnel were deployed to the scene and spent a considerable amount of time and resources to search for Mr. Paul.  They ultimately located the individual that people reported seeing and confirmed that it was not Mr. Paul.

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The Prescott Valley Police Department also followed up on several leads provided to our Department that Mr. Paul was possibly seen at the Circle K in Castle Canyon Mesa.  Their detailed investigation also determined that the subject seen at that location was also not Mr. Paul.

We wish to thank the community for their efforts in locating Mr. Paul and we are happy to report that he has been found safe and sound.

Previously Reported on April 20, 2020

The Prescott Police Department needs help from the public in locating a missing man from Prescott who has not been seen or heard from since early last week. 

On April 13, 2020 a report was taken in regards to 29 year old Prescott resident Ian Paul who walked away from his care home in Prescott without his cell phone and without reason.  Mr. Paul has a history of walking away from his care home but he is normally located within a short period of time. He has specific medical issues requiring care and has no access to money or a vehicle.

In the past we have located Mr. Paul in both the Phoenix or Flagstaff areas and he has used the shuttle service from Prescott to get to the Phoenix area or has hitchhiked in the past.  He has been entered into the national and statewide systems as a missing or endangered person.  

If anyone has seen or has had contact with Mr. Paul we are asking that you contact the Prescott Police Department at (928) 777-1988 or Dispatch at (928) 445-3131.   

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