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Have You Heard of Terry Kettenhofen, fine art broker and artist

Terry Kettenhofen, fine art broker and artist representative can best be described as a modern Renaissance man- a person of many talents and many areas of knowledge. He is an outstandingly versatile, well-rounded person who has performed skillfully in many different fields and has a thirst for knowledge and new experiences. He has been an art collector and gallery owner forever 25 years and has worked in the fine art world in Hawaii, California, Texas, and now Colorado.

His portfolio features the artistry of more than 100 world-class artists. His vast personal collection is varied: he loves color and whimsy. Terry was born and raised in San Diego, California, and attended the University of San Diego where he majored in economics. He has traveled the world and in December of 1981 moved to Hawaii and owned a gallery in Maui, where he lived before coming to Loveland. His art career started when he discovered the beauty of blown glass twenty-five years ago.

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Empire Detail
Triple Creek Kitchen
Mortimer\'s Farm

That led to his love of color and a passion for all styles and types of art, especially acrylics. He started collecting and keeps an eye out for new artists whose work he can share with collectors and all who appreciate the beauty and fine art.

Terry currently represents more than ten local artists, including Mr. Terry Kasprzak of Loveland, whose work A Purple Dream appears above. “Our inventory is extensive and varied and sure to please any taste. We especially love to introduce folks to the beauty available to them through the world of fine art.”When not pursuing his passion for art, Terry enjoys surfing, water skiing, music and reading. This genuinely kindhearted man loves what he does and believes in giving back.

Terry can be reached at or 808-429-0288
Open 9 am-6 pm Mon.- Sat.
Terry Kettenhofen
808-429-0288 for appt for Art Display Tour. 


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