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 Have You Heard of Honeybee’s Adventure Time

Honeybee’s Adventure Time is a program focused on nature play, free exploration and doing activities that challenge, build character, and friendships.

   I have been working in outdoor education for over 10 years. When I was working at a local camp, the principals and teachers who would come visit us, told me I was in my element when working with kids and that I had a natural ability to connect with them and inspire them. I always carried those words with me. For years I wanted to start my own outdoor program. I was teaching Gardening and Spanish at a local charter school for several years when the pandemic hit. I started this journey in 2020 when I saw a need for kids to get outside and get connected with the Earth and each other during challenging times that a majority of the population faced. Even since before the pandemic, children especially have been spending too much time on screens (7 hours a day, compared to 7 minutes outside enjoying free play). My goal is to reverse that number. 

Mortimer\'s Farm
Empire Detail
Triple Creek Kitchen

Honeybee’s Adventure Time offers everything from outdoor rock climbing (for adults, teens and children 7+), paddling, kayaking and paddle boarding, slacklining, disc golf, after-school and weekend hiking/adventure club, Forest Friday (all day in the woods), campouts, and much more. Archery will be starting in the fall. I created this program because I am passionate about children having autonomy in their lives, which is the ability to make their own choices and decisions in life. Every single outing, I see children growing in their confidence, abilities and independence. Due to the abundance of technology and social media they are presented with, children are losing connection with each other, themselves and the natural world. It has been so amazing to see how much my program helps children reconnect with these aspects of their lives. I believe in allowing children to do dangerous things carefully with guidance and healthy adaptive boundaries.

We do all kinds of activities for all kinds of ages, combining age groups which helps build an incredible sense of community and interdependence. Being a part of Honeybee’s Adventure Time is like being a part of a big family. We all look forward to seeing each other every week at different activities. The kids and adults who participate have made great friendships and memories that will last a lifetime and I feel so honored to be a part of that.

Contact us today to join !!

Honeybee Slayton- 928-830-4142

Check us out on Facebook at @HoneybeesadventuretimeLLC


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