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 Have You Heard Of A Bone Marrow Burger

 When you say Bone Marrow Burgers, everyone must try it. I suggest a burger with about 15% fat content, burger’s need fat for flavor. I know it sounds like a lot but we don’t just eat them every day. 

The fun part of this is getting the bone marrow out of the bone. Season the bones with salt and pepper and place it on the grill. Poke and scrape bone marrow out of bone, place it in bowl. The marrow has a strange fatty consistency. Place bone marrow and ground sirloin together in bowl and mix season to taste. 

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Shape into patty, cook them without any added fat. As the burger cooks, the marrow melts into the meat. This gives a delicious texture to the burger and adds flavor. Add red onions and jalapenos to the grill sliced and placed on Bone Marrow Burger with sliced pepper jack cheese. I’m 100% certain that I have found the most delicious Burger. Bang! The Flavor pops in your month. 


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