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Have You Heard Atomic Dronez Local Aerial Specialist Media

Atomic Dronez is your ‘Local Aerial Specialists’. They are a drone company dedicated primarily to creating stunning visual aerial media for websites, digital media platforms, businesses, and personal commission work. Atomic Dronez also offers Visual Inspections with Hi-Res Photos and Videos, giving their clients a more efficient way to review the data they need. As the business expands, they will be implementing a technical side with 3D Mapping and more inspection services. Atomic Dronez is FAA Part 107 Certified and fully insured.

Corey Reese is the founder of Atomic Dronez. After flying his first drone a few years back, it became apparent there is a need for drone services on a professional level. After 15 years in the bicycle industry, Corey made his exit in the Spring of 2021.  By that August Atomic Dronez was open for Professional Drone Services.

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Corey has a background in visual arts, with a degree in photography. Though he spent years in the bicycle industry as a mechanic and in management positions, he is able to bring retail and customer service knowledge into his new venture. Corey’s passion lies within being able to combine flight, photography, and film into one. Being able to do all three of these effectively and on a professional level takes a lot of practice and a lot of patience.

  Atomic Dronez is excited to bring drone services to the community. As a local Prescott resident for over 12 years, Corey also is willing to help out with his drone when an ‘Eye In The Sky’ is needed. A few weeks ago he was able to assist in a search and rescue effort for a missing service dog in the Quailwood Meadows area. Atomic Dronez are also dedicated to outreaching with the community and teaching them about drones, and regulations, and presenting drones to the community in a safe and positive way.

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Social Media: (Atomic Dronez @ Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Number: 928.910.9533



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