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Have You Heard about Go Green Group AZ

Go Green Group has been in business for several years now, but Go Green Group AZ just came about this year. Bianca met Junior after responding to a Craigslist add about conducting site audits for another company he was working for. After learning her background, he proposed another opportunity to her working in operations. 

Bianca always had an interest in solar but wasn’t sold on it being beneficial. She had almost gone solar one time, but backed out after running the numbers and not knowing enough about it to make a decision. Because of her distrust of salesmen, she shared with Junior that she wouldn’t work with him unless he convinced her that it would really be helping the people, they were selling solar to. 

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That is the approach that we here at Go Green Group AZ would like to take as a company. We want to be seen as a consultant that is here to advise people who would like to go solar. The truth is that there are many companies out there not worried at all about the customers they serve. It’s all about profit and very little about the customers themselves. What makes us different is that we have actually invested into the community first, we have partnered with The Prescott Times to inform the community about our unique business strategy. 

Our focus is to be invested and passionate about the people within the community and truly help them. Junior started in this industry over 8 years ago, he was fortunate enough to be mentored by some of the best professionals in the solar industry. After learning about how the industry worked, he started to have conflicting thoughts as to how solar was being offered. So, he decided to open his own company in order to be more transparent to the customer as to what they are being offered and to offer customers service that a lot of companies are missing. 

Junior took the time to explain to Bianca his vision and she took an interested in learning the operations of the industry. She was so convinced that Junior was truly passionate about helping his customers, to the point that he actually lost sales, offering installations at much lower costs than his competitors, so much that they became suspicious and actually chose to go with a much higher bid. It didn’t bother him because he would rather be honest with a customer than to be dishonest. 

Bianca is a veteran, so Go Green Group is a company that will be offering special incentives to all veterans within the community, because each system is site specific, the incentive will be unique to each customer’s needs. Every customer is important to us and we want to express our commitment to working with the residents of Yavapai County in a special way and are committed to serving the community as more of a consultant and concierge. Juniors main focus as our sales manager is earn the trust of customers through transparency, professionalism and customer service. 

We believe in providing quality products, expert installations and outstanding customer service. Our goal is to educate the community, providing knowledge so that people can have a clear understanding of what they are getting and engaging with the community to gain a sense of belonging by proving a platform to share personal experiences, ask questions and support perpetual growth of each other ourselves, the environment and most importantly our community!

We encourage residents to visit our website, ask questions and schedule a energy savings consultation. 

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