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Governor Ducey Statement Celebrating Easter And Passover

Governor Doug Ducey today released the following statement in recognition of Easter and Passover:

“This weekend marks the beginning of Passover and the celebration of Easter. Arizonans across our state will come together in prayer and reflection, celebrating this time of hope, resilience and joy.

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“As Americans, we rejoice in the freedoms afforded to us as citizens of a nation blessed by liberty. We find strength and comfort in the knowledge that we live in a land built on a foundation of biblical principles and where freedom of religion is guaranteed in our founding documents. Arizonans in every corner of our state are free to practice their own faith, belief system or teachings. 

“During this special time of year, we rejoice in the resurrection of our Lord and are reminded that light can indeed prevail over darkness. Easter holds a special meaning every year, but it is especially poignant this year as we witness events unfold half a world away in Ukraine. The innocent men, women and children of this proud nation are facing unspeakable horrors and their very existence is being threatened in ways we never could have imagined possible in the 21st century. Yet they are fighting back against evil – and inspiring the world.

“Here in Arizona, we reflect on the challenges of the last few years and pray for continued resilience. Our communities of faith have guided us and helped us heal, they have provided us with much needed opportunities for reflection and worship, and have for many been a welcome source of solace.

“This Holy Time reminds us of our similarities. It reminds us of the eternal power of God, that we are made in His image and that faith is, as the Bible tells us, ‘the assurance of things hoped for [and] the conviction of things not seen.’

“I wish all Arizonans a blessed and joyful Easter and Passover.”


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