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Governor Ducey Makes 100th Visit to Southern Arizona

Governor Ducey Makes 100th Visit to Southern Arizona
Centennial Trip Includes Meetings with Business Leaders and Community Center
TUCSON — Governor Doug Ducey today marked his 100th visit to Southern Arizona, a significant benchmark following his 2015 promise to be a governor for all Arizonans in every corner of the state. 

The governor began the day in Tucson by honoring the memory of Professor Thomas Meixner who lost his life in yesterday’s tragedy at the University of Arizona. The governor said, “we grieve for his loved ones and the entire University of Arizona family. All of Arizona stands with the Tucson community.”

Governor Ducey spent the day with that community, one he has visited 100 times since taking office.

“When I took office in January 2015, I made it my mission to be a governor for all the people and to make sure that the important issue of governing wasn’t restricted to the limited confines of the state capitol,” said Governor Ducey. “As we stand here today – 133 miles south of the capitol – I’m proud to say we’ve achieved all that and more.”

On the road between Tucson and Phoenix – which will soon be expanded thanks to the governor’s investments in this year’s budget – can be seen a reminder of the governor’s efforts to make Arizona the best state for innovation: automated freight trucks.

The governor celebrated the opening of TuSimple’s innovation laboratory in which they will further revolutionize freight transportation with an eye toward safer and more efficient operations.

“With our flag firmly planted as America’s AV hub, high-tech jobs and companies have come flocking to our state,” the governor said at the grand opening of the facility.

TuSimple is one of the high-tech innovators that flocked to Arizona in the last eight years. Governor Ducey continued to highlight Southern Arizona’s booming economy in a meeting with the Tucson Metro Chamber and local chamber representatives from all seven counties in the southern Arizona district. The business and community leaders provided economic snapshots of their regions.

Referring to innovative companies like Raytheon, Nikola Motors and Leonardo Electronics, the governor said, “Arizona is no longer a flyover state for the biggest and most innovative companies looking to expand — we are the destination.”

The governor’s centennial visit also included a tour of the Center of Opportunity’s recent expansion with the H.S. Lopez Family Foundation and the Gospel Rescue Mission. The center recently expanded with six new buildings to offer Arizonans physical, mental and spiritual support all in one location.

Speaking after a tour of the facility, the governor said, “We all know that anyone can reach their full potential, when given the opportunity. Thank you for bringing this opportunity to those who need it most. This Center of Opportunity is a shining example of how to do it right — it is a national model.”


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