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Get Ready for 2023 Transaction Privilege Tax License Renewals

Get Ready for 2023 Transaction Privilege Tax License Renewals  

Phoenix, AZ—The Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR) is planning for the upcoming 2023 Arizona Transaction Privilege Tax (TPT) License renewal season. 

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Notifications will begin in November advising businesses that they must renew on or before January 1. Penalties will apply to renewals received after January 31.

Please note that letters will only be sent to taxpayers that file by paper. If filing electronically, a notice will be displayed on as a reminder.

ADOR advises taxpayers to register on the website to expedite renewal processing. State law requires taxpayers with multiple business locations to renew their TPT licenses electronically. 

Businesses currently enrolled on are encouraged to update and verify their account information before completing the renewal process to prevent unnecessary fees and penalties. enables registered companies to update their accounts at any time by doing the following: 

  • Change the mailing address.
  • Add, edit, and close locations.
  • Cancel or close an existing TPT license.
  • Close an account.
  • Make changes to the “Doing Business As” (DBA) name. 
  • Add new reporting jurisdictions or business codes. 

If a business has closed, then the license and account must be canceled. If a company has multiple locations and one or more locations have shut down, the individual location on the license must be closed. Licenses that are not renewed will not be canceled but will be automatically renewed and assessed applicable fees and penalties.

Please note that businesses must keep their owner/office information current. Businesses can submit these changes on the Business Account Update Form 10193

Remote sellers and marketplace facilitators must also renew their TPT licenses if they have more than $100,000 in sales to Arizona customers in the current or prior calendar year.

Marijuana excise tax licenses are not required to renew, but marijuana TPT licenses must renew each year.

Businesses with questions can receive general information in real-time through Live Chat, or for specific account questions, contact the Customer Care Call Center at (602) 255-3381 or toll-free: (800) 352-4090.   

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