Former Arizona Diamondbacks legend and ex-Prescott resident Curt Schilling said he is “absolutely considering” running for Congress in Arizona…

    Former Arizona Diamondbacks legend and ex-Prescott resident Curt Schilling said he is “absolutely considering” running for Congress in Arizona against one of the state’s five Democrats.

    The 2001 World Series co-MVP, an Arizona native who currently resides in Medfield, Massachusetts, did not specify which district he is considering.

    “Not ready to do any of that right now. If/When things solidify I will but right now it’s something in the ‘I’m considering it’ stage,” Schilling wrote in an email to the Arizona Republic.


    “The state is not the state I grew up in. Making Arizona citizens of EVERY Race, religion and sexual orientation 2nd class citizens to illegal immigrants is about as anti-American as it gets,” he continued. “When you have homeless veterans, children, and you’re spending tax dollars on people smuggling drugs and children across our border, someone in charge needs their ass kicked.”

    Schilling, 52, has long stood out as one of the most prominent conservative voices in sports. He endorsed George W. Bush over then-Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry on national television within days of the Red Sox winning the 2004 World Series, although Kerry attended one of the games and was seen high-fiving the players. Schilling stood by his guy.


    Today, Schilling is a commentator for popular conservative outlet Blaze TV and an outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump. However, Schilling has had his fair share of struggles since his retirement from baseball in 2007. In 2016, ESPN fired him after he shared a Facebook post about North Carolina’s law that banned transgender people from using bathrooms other than their birth genders. Moreover, in 2012, 38 Studios, Schilling’s video game company, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

    In an interview with Armed American Radio’s Mark Walters Sunday, Schilling raised speculation that he may return to Arizona to continue his political aspirations.
    “I haven’t said anything publicly, but I’m considering going back to Arizona and running for a congressional seat, one of the blue ones,” Schilling said Sunday. “It’s something that my wife and I have talked about, and she’s now becoming more and more pumped at the potential. We’re still quite a few discussions away, but yeah, it’s something we’re absolutely considering.”

    Schilling graduated from Shadow Mountain High School in Phoenix, in 1985, before attending Yavapai College in Prescott.

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