Phippen Museum

    18th Annual Miniature Masterpiece Show & Sale

    May 1st – 31st, 2021
    in the Lower Level Gallery
    5th Annual Phippen Award Winners
    Show & Sale
    May 1st – June 6th, 2021
    in the James Gallery
    A distinct perk of being an award-winning artist at the Phippen Museum’s Memorial weekend Art Show & Sale is also being invited to participate in our annual Phippen Award Winners Show & Sale, featuring the artwork of excellent western artists from the
    past three shows. But this year’s special Museum presentation will be even more
    exciting as it coincides with the opening of our popular Miniature Masterpiece Show & Sale. Beginning with a special Opening Reception on Saturday, May
    1st, 2021, we’ll proudly present these two outstanding
    collections of reasonably priced western art with an all-day affair.
    But the Phippen Award Winners Show & Sale (May 1st-June 6th) is different from similar events at the Museum because art buyers will be allowed to take their artwork home immediately after purchase. Normally, these pieces would continue to remain on display until the conclusion of the show.
    On the other hand, the 18th Annual Miniature Masterpiece Show & Sale (May 1st-31st, 2021) is a unique and successful Sale-by-Draw event featuring more than 60 of the biggest names in the world of American Western Art today. Artwork will be on display at the Museum and also on our website at during the month of May. And this is an excellent opportunity for serious collectors to get a better look at this amazing collection of miniature pieces and place their intents-to-purchase, either in person or by calling us at (928)778-1385. Intents-to-purchase can be placed anytime between May 1st and the drawing date on Monday, May 31st at 11AM.
    A unique Opening Day Reception for these two inspirational shows is scheduled on Saturday, May 1st with Museum Members admitted free of charge and guests at the regular admission price. Iron Horse Grill will be available with delicious food truck fare and free drink coupons for members. In addition, participating artists from both shows will be on hand to discuss their artwork with the public, including K. Quick Anderson, Steve Atkinson, Jerry Bokowski, Bill Cramer, Dane Chinnock, Rose Ann Day, Linda Glover Gooch, Doyle Hostetler, Susan Kliewer, Linda Loeschen, Gretchen Lopez, and Bryan Tubbs.
    So, join us for this very special tribute to all our talented, award-winning western artists on Saturday, May 1st from 10AM to 4PM; an occasion that promises to be another popular Phippen event. These pieces of museum quality fine art will also be displayed on the Museum’s website. But be sure to act quickly because this amazing artwork is created by outstanding western artists who have proven their artistic skill and expertise, and their pieces are destined to sell quickly.
    Edward Aldrich ● K. Quick Anderson ● Steve Atkinson ● Tracy Avant
    Lia Bardin Bomar ● Phil Beck ● Sherry Blanchard Stuart ● Jeanne Bonine ● Lynn Brown
    Stephanie Campos ● Bonnie Casey ● Nancy Dunlop Cawdrey ● Sonja Caywood
    Frank Cheatle ● Dane Chinnock ● Bonnie Conrad ● Sheila Cottrell ● Bill Cramer
    Lisa Danielle ● Rose Ann Day ● Steve Devenyns ● Mikel Donahue, CA
    ● David Dorsey ● Joni Falk ● Brent A. Flory ● Gaylene Fortner
    Linda Glover Gooch ● Sheri Greves-Neilson ● Doyle Hostetler ● Russell Houston
    Donna Howell-Sickles ● Valeriy Kagounkin ● Greg Kelsey ● Susan Kliewer
    Linda Loeschen ● Cindy Long ● Gretchen Lopez ● Tamara Magdalina
    Jan Mapes ● Alvin Marshall ● Dale G. Martin ● Curt Mattson
    Dan Mieduch ● Denis Milhomme ● Bill Mittag ● George Molnar ● J. Chris Morel
    Bill Nebeker CA ● Joe Netherwood ● Rock Newcomb ● Kim Seyesnem Obrzut
    Robert Peters ● Sarah Phippen ● Don Rantz ● Glenn Renell ● Marlin Rotach
    Ken Rowe ● Myron Sahlberg ● Elizabeth Lewis Scott ● Tim Shinabarger
    W. Jason Situ ● Gail Jones Sundell ● Trevor Swanson ● Wei Tai ● Charles Thomas
    Carl G. Wolf
    Kinsey Artfitch ● Steve Atkinson ● Lia Bardin Bomar
    Jerry Bokowski ● Lorenzo Cassa ● Bill Cramer ● David Dorsey
    Donna Dutra ● Felicia ● Randy Galloway ● Robert Goldman
    J. Waid Griffin ● June Payne Hart ● Loren Henderson ● Paul Hopman ● Doyle Hostetler
    Russell Johnson ● Dale G. Martin ● Cecilia McGuire ● Julie Nighswonger
    Carolyn Parker ● Sarah Phippen ● Don Rantz ● Rob Richards ● Joseph Robertson
    Jim Stuckenberg ● Wei Tai ● Bryan Tubbs ● Gene Vandervoort
    Craig Vilaubi ● Carl G. Wolf ● Susan Hemm Zivic
    If you’d like to help us by volunteering at this family-friendly Western Art Show & Sale, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Brenda Smith, at (928)778-1385 or
    Our continued thanks and appreciation go out to these generous individuals, businesses and organizations for their outstanding community spirit and enthusiastic support.
    Thank you all so much!


    May 01 - 31 2021


    8:00 am - 6:00 pm

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