Dr. Nancy Blum DO. With an In-depth Look Into Covid-19

    There is actually a ton to update everyone on, so I will split everything up into two separate posts. Hold on to your hats, this has all been churning for several weeks and I am going to try and scythe all the weeds for everyone, including myself;) I apologize for the delay in getting this out to you, but the information has been changing so rapidly, and often contradicting the previously reported information, that it still gives one a headache to sort

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    through-it is political, it is unethical and often the so-called ‘experts’ are acting in a manner that I, as a fellow physician, find inappropriate.
    As of today, Tues, cases are climbing rapidly in Arizona. Today there were almost 2400 new cases reported statewide and 25 deaths; 384 cases in Yavapai. 80% of ICU beds are filled and 40% (not a good thing) of ventilators are in use. This virus is not gone, much as we would like it to be. We are all antsy. For those who are having difficulty understanding why we
    are not yet doing physicals, I was exposed again several weeks ago. I have since tested negative, however with all of the cases, even asymptomatic, rising, it is not intelligent of me to
    expose any of you to myself for the extended time and proximity needed to do a physical. If you have been in to the office for anything, you will note I mask and keep myself separate as
    much as possible. This is not for me-I am not too worried about myself, but I am attempting to help keep us all healthy, and god forbid, out of the hospital. Hopefully also, prevent the terrible financial difficulties created by the lockdown, which would only be exacerbated by further
    closures due to out of control case numbers. For these reasons, please do not come early to appointments and do not just drop by- we are limiting exposures still. Knock on the door when it’s your appointment time and if you
    are able to do so physically, go to the double doors on your left under the stairs. Sandi and I will meet you there. Please wear a mask inside the building. (Yes, yes, yes, I hate them too!)
    If you need us, or need something-do call as always and leave a message. We are here daily, however, if the phone is busy, remember we are managing lots of things via the phone, so leave
    a message and we will call you back. You can also email as always. That being said, I will be out of the office with family Thurs aft the 25th and Friday the 26th. I purchased a new EKG machine-I still have the little portable one if needed, but for whatever nutty reason, it doesn’t like women’s bodies (; and lead 4 more often than not will not
    work on them. I also plan to purchase a Holter monitor so that we do not have to use cardiology to see what is going on rhythmically. I am looking into the portable US also, which will

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    be a fabulous addition. So let’s discuss all the cases increase first. For those who want some in-depth reporting
    and numbers, the former NYT reporter, now a novelist and nonfiction author Alex Berenson, has
    been following the pandemic very closely. He has written a short book, available on Amazon
    called “Unreported Truths about Covid-19 and Lockdowns”. It is very inexpensive and worth
    the read-like all of us he has been confused by the irresponsible reporting, the questionable
    ethics, and the real truths behind this enormous COVID mess. Interestingly enough, which fact
    in and of itself infuriates all of us who slam the politicizing of an illness, Amazon initially would
    not sell the book, despite the fact that they sell many of Mr. Berenson’s novels. It was only through pressure against their censorship from notable figures that they relented and allowed
    the booklet’s sale. Pretty appalling ethically to try and withhold valuable, non-biased information from citizens.
    My point in bringing his book to your attention derives from his questions about the case numbers. If we look at things rationally, most of us are not epidemiologists, so what absorbs our attention, is how many of us are getting sick from COVID, and/or dying from it, not how many just have it. He makes many good points related to these questions. The ICU numbers I mentioned above are telling, but at the same time, how many of those are COVID caused, which number is not reported on the Health Dept website. So the average person

    glancing at the website sees that figure since it is reported in the COVID section and thinks, ‘oh my god, that’s high’. But how many are from MIs, auto accidents, strokes, etc.. and may or
    may not incidentally have COVID? I can’t tell you that number as of now. The positive cases reported are higher, the death rate is higher, but how much of that is due to increased testing
    and reporting, and deaths actually FROM other things, also co-infected with COVID. To be naive and not understand that the federal government gives more money and resources to states with higher COVID numbers, whether or not those infections actually contributed to a
    death or was an incidental finding, is to not understand the massive political crisis that is behind much of the infectious crisis.
    Ok ponder those thoughts if you will, much more to come but I know we are all overloaded and I get sick of this stuff too.

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