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Do You Want Your Refund?

ADOR Advises Taxpayers to Use Their Current and Correct Address When Filing Returns

The Arizona Department of Revenue would like to remind taxpayers to verify that they are using the correct address when filing taxes to ensure they will receive important correspondence sent by the agency and any refunds they are due.

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The Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR) requires that taxpayers use a complete and properly formatted address and recommends that taxpayers fully spell out their address using the postal service standard when filing electronically or registering online. For example:

1500 E MAIN AVE STE 201        

ANYWHERE AZ 85007-1010

For Individual Income Tax Returns: 

To notify ADOR of a new mailing address after filing an individual income tax return, complete and submit an Arizona Form 822 Change of Address Form with the updated address information.

  • If a joint return was filed and the individuals reside together, both should provide their names, social security numbers, and signatures on the form or statement.
  • If the individuals live at different addresses, each person should notify ADOR of their new, separate address.

For Business Tax Returns (Corporate, Withholding, and TPT):

Registered businesses can update their mailing address and location information for corporate, withholding, and transaction privilege and use tax accounts through AZTaxes.gov. The system validates the format before allowing the business to submit the changes.

  • To update records, log into AZTaxes.gov and click “Accounts” and “Account Update.”
  • Verify the changes by signing with the established e-signature PIN set up during registration.
  • New business locations can anticipate a new copy of their licenses within three to five business days of processing.

For businesses with one location and not registered in AZTaxes.gov, please update the address by filing a Business Account Update form.

If choosing to update an address or speaking on behalf of an account through the Call Center, ensure the individual, business owner, or an authorized party is calling. ADOR only speaks to authorized users or power of attorney. To request account information, you must have a current Form 285 (General Disclosure/Representation Authorization) on file with ADOR.

While ADOR strongly recommends filing electronically, we also advise that those who do mail in a form use the correct address at ADOR, including P.O. Box, in order for the correspondence to reach the appropriate department in a timely manner. A list of complete mailing addresses for ADOR’s departments by tax type can be found here.


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