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Day 2 Fugitive of CATCH 22 Captured

***Silent Witness Alert – Day 2 Fugitive of CATCH 22 Captured*** 

July 2, 2022, the Prescott Police department received information that Jose Luis Alvarez, Day 2 of Yavapai Silent Witness’ CATCH 22 Program, was staying at an address in Prescott. A short time later, Prescott Police Officers located him in the 600 block of Lincoln Ave. They contacted Alvarez and took him into custody without incident.  

Mortimer\'s Farm
Empire Detail

Remember Alvarez was wanted for Aggravated Assault stemming from an incident where he choked  a female victim almost to the point of unconsciousness. Alvarez is now in the Yavapai County Jail.  Thank you to our Prescott Police partners for so quickly and safely taking this suspect into custody. 


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