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Crooks Fire BAER Assessment Completed Now

 Crooks Fire BAER Assessment Completed

The Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) Team has completed the post-fire assessment on the Crooks Fire which is now 96% contained and have concluded the area affected by the fire does pose post fire risks to public safety. High and moderate burn severity areas pose the greatest risk and are potential sources of unstable soils and rock, falling trees and increased flooding. Public hazards have been identified within the fire footprint and downstream of the fire scar. Post-fire hazards are of particular concern during summer monsoon events. 

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BAER teams focus on emergency actions necessary to protect human life and safety, property, and  natural and cultural resources, including affected watersheds. BAER assessments identify unacceptable risks on federal lands from post-fire threats and help land managers prepare burned areas for potential threats from rainstorms. Burned areas often experience increased soil erosion and  runoff from rainstorms.  

To mitigate post-fire risks, the following treatments have been identified: 

• Warning signage on strategic roads and trails will be installed warning the public of post-fire risks. 

• Culvert storm proofing on Senator Highway. 

• Surveying for detection of Dalmatian Toadflax in selected areas; a federally and State listed noxious weed. 

Click to view the Crooks Fire Burn Severity Map

For information on the Prescott National Forest, check out the Prescott NF website and following us on Facebook and Twitter. 

SPECIAL NOTE: Everyone near and downstream from the burned areas should remain alert and stay updated on weather conditions that may result in heavy rains over the burn scars. Flash flooding may occur quickly during heavy rain events–be prepared to take action. Current weather and emergency notifications can be found at the National Weather Service website. 


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