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Cleaning Up The Squatters On State Land


The Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office has been working diligently to patrol state land campsites and enforce the restrictions on long-term camping all over Yavapai County. Most recently, Deputies have been working on a trespassing and littering case in  

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Mortimer\'s Farm

Cordes Lakes where Timothy Bovial, 41, has been unlawfully living on state land for some time. Yesterday, YCSO arrested Bovial on multiple charges, but his departure left a ton (literally) of clean up behind.  

YCSO Deputies with the help of Chris Baker with the State Land department had a dirty job ahead of them. Baker showed up with 2 40ft flatbed heavy haulers, a tow truck, and an entire junk removal/cleanup crew to remove the multiple RV’s and all the associated trash and junk at Bovial’s makeshift campsite.

This is a huge help to the community of Cordes Lakes and YCSO. We are grateful for this enormous help and partnership with the State Lands Department to keep our communities beautiful.  



  1. What do they expect the homeless to do? Local “homeless helpers ” are well known to actually cause more problems & are avoided by the homeless. Then when they can’t get ID without a street address ( Felony to supply false info to obtain ID)-(please don’t vote) they find out they can’t leave Arizona without picture ID (to ride a bus, air). They are trapped in Arizona. So out to live on state land, which US supreme court has just said is OK for homeless to stay on government land, but the games locally are set against the social security relying aged that don’t get enough to pay rent, let alone… It won’t happen to me… YOU ARE NEXT!

    • Amen, the Lucky ones who haven’t been raped by Cancer, or banks, or robbers or family and friends or even addiction, mental illness etc. They are human beings and there’s nothing to fear unless your trying to hurt someone? If you have the answer please step up!!

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