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Arizona Enacts Law to Protect Businesses Now

Arizona Enacts Law to Protect Businesses from Forced Closure During Declared Emergency

House Republican Majority Whip Leo Biasiucci today celebrated the enactment of HB 2107, legislation he sponsored that repeals the authority of municipal and county governments to order the closure of businesses during a declared emergency.

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“One of the biggest injustices during the COVID-19 pandemic occurred when emergency regulations, imposed by cities and counties, forced smaller, mom-and-pop businesses to close, while big box corporate stores were allowed to remain open.  It destroyed many small businesses, and financially devastated their employees, and families, who relied on the income from the job.  I sponsored this new law to make sure something like this doesn’t again happen during a declared emergency.  Businesses should be trusted to make critical decisions for themselves, not the government.”

Leo Biasiucci is a State Representative and Republican Majority Whip for the Arizona House of Representatives serving Legislative District 5, which includes La Paz and Mohave Counties. Follow him on Twitter at @Leo4AzHouse.


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