Aquarius Jan 20th -Feb 18th

    Aquarius. January 20-February 18.
    If you were born between these days your zodiac sign is Aquarius. However, if
    you were born very early in the morning on January 20th there is a good chance
    you may be a Capricorn.
    Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac . You Aquarius people are ruled by the
    Planet Uranus which often creates unusual and unexpected events in your life.

    Carol Starr Stanley

    You are an Air sign which means you often deal with issues and problems
    intellectually. In fact you like intellectualizing many experiences and happenings.
    You are smart and can do well in any vocation you choose in life. You enjoy
    many friends but rarely gravitate towards developing close friends that you
    confide in. You are clever, witty and basically just fun to be around. A keyword
    in your life is freedom and you have a strong need for solitude. However, once
    you decide it is time for socialization you love being around people.
    You are often quirky and different which just adds to your natural charm.
    In a loving relationship you are very giving but have a need for your own
    activities and interests and urge your partner to do the same. As a parent you
    often do not administer a great deal of discipline. You love having a friendship
    with your child from a very early age.
    As an Aquarian you are outgoing and even boisterous at times or be the quiet
    one people have to asks questions for you to join in.
    You are original and creative and drawn to new experiences and new inventions.
    Impulsive by nature you may decide to get in your car and take a trip the last-
    minute. And off you go.
    Your strongest trait is that you are often a visionary and can see how things will
    turn out.
    This year is special for you—especially the first six months. This is the time to
    get ducks in a row, make plans and then get things in motion. If you happen to
    be single—this is the perfect time to meet someone. Or add a little flare to a
    Curren relationship.

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