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Announcing Mayor Phil Goode With A Weekly Update

Hello, I’m Mayor Phil Goode with your weekly update.

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Lately, we’ve been accomplishing a great deal during our Council Study Sessions. It is during the Study Sessions that we are able to talk about and debate the various issues facing the City of Prescott. Sometimes we learn about important matters, such as the World’s Oldest Rodeo™ and the Rodeo Grounds, which the City owns. The Study agendas typically have only 2-3 items listed, with a two-hour block of time, which provides extended opportunities for discussion and education. I encourage you to check the Study Session agendas on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month. The Study Sessions are also live-streamed on Facebook, the City’s website and Channel 64, plus public attendance is encouraged. The next Study Session is tomorrow, April 12th @ 1 PM.

In tomorrow’s Study Session, we’ll first hear from the Prescott Farmer’s Market regarding the Community Composting Program. The City of Prescott entered into a partnership with the Prescott Farmer’s Market to begin a composting pilot program. The food scraps are collected from residents attending the Farmer’s Market, and also from 7 local restaurants. I look forward to hearing about the progress of this valuable program. Next we will have a presentation regarding the Downtown Post Hanging Banners. These downtown banners are faded and worn and in in need of replacement. Themes and materials are somewhat inconsistent. Staff will present some updated designs and the new Arizona’s Christmas City logo for our consideration.

We will also be discussing the revision of the Airport Layout Plan for the Prescott Regional Airport. This item is a little unusual, because we’ll be provided with an overview in the Study Session, and then will vote on it during the Voting Meeting at 3. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has determined that the Airport Layout Plan (ALP) serves as a critical planning tool that depicts both existing facilities and planned development for an airport. The City of Prescott, in this case, is the Airport Sponsor. An Airport Sponsor who has received an airport development grant is obligated by grant assurance to keep the Airport Layout Plan up to date. The most recent Prescott Regional Airport ALP (2019) has become outdated, in that it does not fully reflect: • recently completed capital projects dirt/fill needs associated with a runway extension planning study, and critical land use changes that may affect the navigable airspace and/or the ability of the airport to operate at an optimal level of of safety and efficiency. Upon Airport Sponsor acceptance of an updated ALP, the ALP will be submitted to the FAA for review and approval.

Some of the other Council Agenda items include: The contract for the 2nd floor improvements at the new City Hall Human Resources area. A fencing contract for the easement along the extension of the Peavine Trail in North Prescott as it skirts the airport runway and extends north toward Chino Valley will be voted. Also The final plat of phase 1 of the Hidden Hills subdivision. And finally, Adopting the “Sam Hill Alley” name for the alley between N. McCormick Street, and N. Granite Street. This is already the historical name, so this agenda item simply formalizes it.

Water conservation is extremely important in our mountain desert community. April is Water Awareness Month, and the City of Prescott is working hard to support that! Every day during April our Facebook page shares a new water saving tip.

Mark your calendars for April 23. It’s the returning Wildfire Expo, held in downtown Prescott on Cortez Street between Gurley and Union Streets. You will be able to see fire trucks up close, talk to firefighters, learn about all the Firewise Communities in the area and find out about defensible space for your home. The kids and grandkids can even sit in a fire truck. While you’re there, it’s a great time to eat in the downtown restaurants and shop in the stores. The merchants will genuinely appreciate your patronage. It is also a time to celebrate Earth Day – Additional booths will be set up at the south end of Cortez providing information about rain barrels, environmental projects, and other outdoor opportunities.

Thanks for listening, I’m Mayor Phil Goode see ya next week.



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