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Aboost Wellness was founded in 2020 By Anita Farrelly RN, BSN MBA/HCM. This was the first Mobile IV Vitamins and Hydration service offered in Yavapai County with a mission to care for our community in a different way, blessing our families and friends with energy and restoration. The team of Registered Nurses, under the direction of their medical director, Dr. Clarisa Smith, launched at the start of the COVID pandemic. What started as a business to assist with her mom’s fibromyalgia symptoms, such as chronic pain, dehydration, exhaustion, and brain fog, has evolved into so much more. The team cares for people dealing with low energy, stress, anxiety, muscle tension, dehydration, migraines, nausea, and infections. They also love to boost our local athletes with stamina and endurance so they can love the Prescott outdoor (and indoor) playground with ease. 

In January 2022, Anita partnered with Jessica Dickinson RN, BSN, and opened The Aboost Wellness and Salon in downtown Prescott. Offering both mobile and onsite options for infusions, plus hair salon services, waxing, and aesthetics nursing, such as Botox, Xeomin, and fillers. Anita and Jessica share the same passion for assisting others in times of comfort and need. We have cared for countless patients in Intensive Care Units and through hospice, who just want to ‘feel better’, spend quality time with their families, and stay out of the hospital. 

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Your body needs essential vitamins and nutrients so you can function at your peak performance. IV Vitamins and Hydration is an infusion of micronutrients directly into your cellular system. The intravenous route is the fastest and most effective way to deliver these micronutrients. As they are absorbed directly into the bloodstream with 90% + efficiency compared with approximately 40-50% or less when taken orally. You might be wondering, why would I volunteer to put a needle in my arm to get vitamins. Because we are what we absorb. Digestive disorders affect 35%-70% of people at some point in their lives. They can be caused by stress, age, infections, social, psychological, or chronic conditions. Regardless of the cause, this distress affects how and what we absorb from the foods we are eating. When you are not absorbing nutrients from food and supplements, your immune system, energy, performance, productivity, and mood are negatively impacted.

Our team of amazing RNs has served the Prescott and Quad City community for many years. Working in ICUs, ERs, Hospice, Home Health, and Surgical Centers, we are honored to spend time with our vitamin infusion clients. Hearing their struggles with the loss of energy, pain, and stress. And knowing we are serving them in a new, progressive, and holistic way, whether it’s in their home, office, local athletic event, festival, or our location at 543 W. Gurley St. Prescott, AZ


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