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A New Road Coming To Prescott Valley

Town of Prescott Valley, County sign agreement to upgrade Prescott East Highway

The Town of Prescott Valley on Thursday approved an Intergovernmental Agreement with Yavapai County to cooperate in designing, constructing, and maintaining a project to improve traffic circulation and safety on Prescott East Highway. The Town’s Strategic Plan includes the goal of enhancing public safety, infrastructure and connectivity for its residents, and the IGA fits within that goal.  

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Portions of Prescott East Highway are in both Prescott Valley and Yavapai County, with the larger portion in the County. The divided, rural road is currently carrying high volumes of traffic during peak hours because of connection to newly constructed subdivisions and access to Prescott Valley’s commercial areas.  

Proposed improvements in the IGA include replacement of the existing paved surface, stabilizing  subgrade, construction of shoulder and new curb for medians, installation of turn lanes at Copper Hill  and Sunset Lane intersections, construction of new sidewalk with curb and gutter for the Town maintained portion south of Copper Hill Drive, construction of concrete median from Copper Hill Drive to Sunset Lane, construction of traffic circles at certain breaks in the median, and stormwater drainage and pedestrian improvements. 

Prescott Valley will pay for the actual construction costs of the Town maintained segments of Prescott  East Highway from State Route 69 to Copper Hill Drive and the west side from Sunset Lane to Antelope Lane, currently estimated at $900,000 in FY 22/23. Prescott Valley will also continue maintenance of the  Town’s roadway and landscaped medians including the new concrete hardened interior traffic circles  north of Sunset Lane. 

The County will pay for the construction costs of the County maintained segments of Prescott East Highway from Copper Hill Drive to Sunset Lane and the east side from Sunset Lane to Antelope Lane, currently estimated at $2.5 million in FY22/23. Yavapai County will also continue maintenance of its roadway and medians including the new concreted hard interior traffic circles south of Sunset Lane. To view the entire IGA and exhibits, please visit

See Project Area Map.


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