A Letter From Mayor Greg Mengarelli

    August 1, 2020

    Working for Success in New Ways

    If the first six months of 2020 have taught us anything it is that ingenuity is even more important to running a business than ever before, and that the support of community can get us through just about anything. While the COVID-19 pandemic has been trying and has put everyone to the test, it makes me proud to call Prescott home when I see the new ways of doing business that so many of our local “mom and pops” have created. 

    Downtown Prescott has always had a bustle and inviting historic charm, but now, as we see extended patio seating going up in many places it makes us want to take the time to enjoy a few extra moments while grabbing lunch or dinner. Restrictions related to indoor seating have put many restaurants with a small footprint in a difficult position so city staff have been working together to come up with solutions that allow patio extensions for those businesses to continue to serve as many customers as possible. And, for those who don’t have the opportunity to extend or add outdoor seating there remains the curb-side and delivery options that have become somewhat a staple for owners and citizens alike. Unique menu options and additions to services have allowed locally owned restaurants to continue to work through all of this. 

    The devotion in the Prescott community to our locally owned businesses has been clear during these trying times. Every time there has been a pop-up sale, a unique mercantile set-up, or special event with new guidelines or restrictions our citizens have come out to take part and support business owners. Our citizens believe in and support each other and the fact that the city’s revenues have continued to remain positive overall during such a difficult time proves that. Everyone has come up with technique to conduct business that they may never have previously considered and it has been inspiring to see so many driven for continued success despite the uncertainties in our world.

    In addition to the hard work and dedication of our local businesses and city staff to navigate successfully through these times, the school districts are also determined to have a safe and successful 2020-2021 school year. Leadership and teachers are coordinating with each other and with parents to ensure the continued development of the community’s youth and working toward solutions that will work for everyone as we continue to navigate through our unique circumstances. While school may not look like it once did our dedicated educators will continue to lead the children and young adults of Prescott to what will be even more successful futures right here at home. 

    I continue to believe that Prescott represents what is wonderful about our state. Our community is resilient, imaginative, strong and loyal. We should be proud of what so many have been able to accomplish and that we are all there for one another day in and day out. God bless you and God Bless Prescott!    


    Mayor Greg Mengarelli

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